Vote Bob Milone For Superintendent Of Highways In Clarkstown

Vote Bob Milone

For Superintendent Of Highways In Clarkstown

About Bob Milone

I have the management skills to effectively and efficiently oversee the Highway Department workers and protect your hard-earned tax dollars.

My name is Bob Milone and I am a lifelong Clarkstown resident. I have over 30 years experience in the construction industry, 10 years as a licensed contractor and over 23 years at a large utility company in the construction department. In addition, I hold Class A commercial license with a Tank endorsement.

While at the utility company, I have spent the last 17 years as a union representative. I have also served as the locals Organizer, Political coordinator and Safety coordinator. As the Business Agent, I represented the construction department and a traffic control contractor, handling all work-related issues and was involved with the daily operations of the department with management. As the Secretary/Treasurer I was responsible for the budget, accounts payable, kept minutes to all meetings and filed all reports with the Department of Labor as required by law. I also negotiated labor agreements, received safety training related to work zones, personal and public safety and DOT requirements.

While working a full time job, I attended night school, where I received a certificate in Labor Management from Cornell University in NYC. I also had the pleasure to work at Yankee Stadium as a supervisor in security responsible for the section behind the Yankee dugout and the owners/Mayors’ box.

Clarkstown is fortunate to have highly skilled employees at the Highway Department that do an outstanding job. I will use my experiences to give them the leadership and support to run a more efficient and productive workforce to best serve the Town of Clarkstown

Why I'm Running

With over 30 years of construction experience - as a supervisor, a rank-and-file employee and as a business owner - along with a track-record of getting the job done right, I know I can lead the Clarkstown Highway Department forward.

As a lifelong resident of Clarkstown, this is my home. And it’s because this is my home, I want to make sure Clarkstown remains a great place to live for future generations. But in our Highway Department, we see a mess - crumbling roads, lengthy delays to morning commutes, and poor management of resources. It needs to be fixed. I will use my experience working in the private sector to bring structure and accountability, and to ensure we have a more efficient and productive workforce.

With decades of experience in the private sector - working for both a small business and major Fortune 500 companies - I’m the only candidate who can do the job Day One. And as the only candidate who’s never worked for the Clarkstown Highway Department, I’m the only candidate with the independence taxpayers deserve. We need someone who can and will shake up the status quo and is beholden to no one. That’s me.

As we enter the final stretch of this campaign, you’re going to be hearing from me. Whether it’s at the doors, community events, or Town Hall meetings - you’re going to be hearing from me about my experience, my platform, and my vision for the Clarkstown Highway Department.


As Highway Superintendent, I will use my experience to protect taxpayers, improve our services, and preserve our quality of life.

Leaf Pick Up

New laws requiring landscapers to be licensed to operate in Clarkstown will help in improving leaf pick up, but only with the right leadership. Having worked in the private sector, I can take that experience and work with these contractors to better coordinate leaf pick up. And by improving communication with the public, we can ensure leaves are cleaned up in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Storm Preparation

"If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail" Having worked for one of the largest utility companies in the country, I have the knowledge and experience to deal with the worst Mother Nature can offer. That means better coordinating with other levels of government on snow removal; it means better management of Town resources; and it means working with our school districts to ensure buses aren’t on the roads during the worst of the storms, keeping our children and workers safe.

Being a Safety Coordinator I developed relationships with other utilities and town highway departments throughout the county. I had to communicate with other utilities and highway departments to make sure that is was safe to remove the obstacles to open roads for safe passage. I will bring that experience to our highway department and ensure we are coordinating at every level.

Employment Process

As the only outsider in this race, I know I have the independence we need to turn things around in the Highway Department. I’m the only candidate who’s never worked for the Highway Department - and that’s a GOOD thing. The days of nepotism and political favors will come to an end. I will never hire any family members or repay political favors with jobs. For too long, public service in the Clarkstown Highway Department has been about who you know and what you can do for someone in politics. When I’m Highway Superintendent, it will be about what you can do to serve the taxpayers of Clarkstown.

Road Paving

I will work closely with Democrats and Republicans on the Town Board to develop and implement long term strategies to update and improve our infrastructure. With better management and accountability, I will ensure our infrastructure can keep up the times.

The town has approximately 320 miles of roads. There currently is a 10 year plan to pave all the roads by paving 33 miles a year. I will continue with the plan and make sure that we prioritize the roads that are most in need of being repaved.


I will improve customer service by having all calls to the Highway Department answered in a timely manner. Furthermore, I will be available 24-7 to work with our police, fire and first responders to address emergencies. Residents will also be able to contact me for emergencies by utilizing the 911 system that is already in place.